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New Research Reveals Attitudes Toward Collegiate Retail
In our annual Student Pulse survey, college students expressed high levels of satisfaction with their BNC campus store, including the overall experience, excellent customer service and quality of the dedicated, local store team. The campus store remained students’ #1 destination for course materials and school-branded apparel.
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Student Impact Driving Rapid Growth of the First Day Complete Program
In a recent student survey, 83% of participants said First Day® Complete, BNC’s equitable access program, had a positive impact on their classroom success. As of Fall 2023, the program will be offered through 157 campus stores, representing nearly 800,000 college students nationwide.
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Supporting Student and Campus Well-Being: Be Well. Be You.™ by Barnes & Noble College
In response to the growing number of students experiencing stress and anxiety, Barnes & Noble College has launched a new initiative to support the well-being of students and the campus communities it serves. Be Well. Be You.™ by Barnes & Noble College, is a thoughtfully curated collection of products that is designed to calm and recharge the mind and body.
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Barnes & Noble College Retail Portfolio
Our new retail portfolio showcases BNC’s innovative approach, including a highly visual look at merchandise curation, store design, course material delivery and more.
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