Store Solutions

Flexible and adaptable store operations to meet the needs of your campus

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An Enhanced Experience

Optimize your store with local agency backed by corporate support.

Our custom store solutions offer flexibility to adapt to each campuses’ unique needs — as well as changing times. Backed by decades of academic and retail expertise, we provide a variety of options, including full-service, virtual and hybrid solutions that delivers un-interrupted service and maximizes success for your campus and students.


“If there is one word that characterizes Barnes & Noble College’s interactions with Penn, I would say that it is ‘responsive’… the local management team is empowered to deliver customized services tailored to our environment.”

Christopher Bradie, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President, Business Services
University of Pennsylvania

Your Reimagined Bookstore

Physical stores designed with students in mind

Our brick-and-mortar stores offer:

  • Print and digital textbooks
  • Customized college apparel
  • State-of-the-art cafés
  • A wide selection of school supplies
  • Convenience foods for students on the go
Be Bold

Reconceptualize your store with state-of-the-art design services

We inspire pride and celebrate your unique campus culture by designing an environment filled with graphics from your school’s archives.