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Supporting Student and Campus Well-Being: Be Well. Be You.™ by Barnes & Noble College

June 14, 2023

On campuses across the U.S., college students admit to finding it difficult to maintain their overall wellness. Three in four students say that stress is negatively impacting their ability to focus, learn and do well in school, according to the newest Student Voice survey from Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, which focused on health and wellness. In a recent survey by Barnes & Noble College, more than 8 in 10 students (83%) reported experiencing feelings of significant stress or anxiety during the semester. That is why we’re launching a new initiative to support student, faculty and campus community well-being.

Students are seeking out tools to help with these issues and ways to create paths to greater self-care. The most recent BNC COLLEGE 2030™ report revealed that students have developed a variety of coping strategies over the last several years, including “making time to unwind/for my interests” (69%) and “taking care of my body” (51%) through actions such as eating healthy and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.

To address this growing need, BNC has launched an innovative retail collection that aligns with the coping strategies students are exploring. Be Well. Be You.™ by Barnes & Noble College is a thoughtfully curated collection of wellness products for mind and body that are now available through our campus stores and ecommerce sites. Launched in June 2023, the collection features products designed to calm and recharge the mind and body of students.


Be Well. Be You. by Barnes & Noble College encourages a holistic approach to wellness and self-care, with products to promote calm, sleep and energy; reduce anxiety; and relieve aches and pains. BNC carefully selected brands to collaborate with for the collection, prioritizing a variety of items that are modern, relevant, priced for accessibility and appealing to Gen Z.

We are also excited to introduce an exclusive line of products as part of this initiative. Co-founded by Melissa Bernstein, Co-Founder, Melissa & Doug Toys, Lifelines’ Sensory Immersion™ products are a groundbreaking, science-backed collection of tools to help users live with less stress and more joy. Lifelines is available only at BNC stores in the college retail market.

Lifelines’ collection of tools is designed to switch on the body’s most effective stress relievers: the senses. After spending 30 years inspiring children to discover a sense of wonder through play, Melissa Bernstein created Lifelines to help adults relieve stress through rediscovering that childlike sense of wonder.

Bernstein and the Lifelines team will participate in a series of events and workshops to help students “build their well-being toolkit” and promote the collection on campuses in the coming months.

“College students are dear to me, and my partnership with Barnes & Noble College is designed to help them thrive. Our Lifelines collection uses the latest research on the relationship between stress, hormones, and the brain to help you work with your body to unleash the power of your six senses. By sharing wellness-focused content, as well as offering tangible tools and products, we can help students and the entire campus community feel more calm, content and joyful,” said Bernstein. 

“The Be Well. Be You. collection transcends simple product – it’s about meeting human needs.”


Students, faculty, and all those served by BNC campus stores have access to Be Well. Be You. and can create a personalized approach within the collection to meet their individual wellness needs*. Featured brands and products include:

  • Lifelines – A collection of tools designed to switch on the body’s most effective stress relievers: the senses.

Available only at Barnes & Noble College stores in the college retail market.

  • Rae – Supplements that support calm, sleep and energy.
  • Olly – Wellness and nutrition vitamins that inspire lifelong health habits.
  • Vital Proteins – Powders and supplements that empower everyone to live a full, vibrant life.
  • Logitech – Ergonomic technology solutions that support well-being.
  • iHome Zenergy Candle – Meditative light and sound therapy calming products.
  • Warmies – Weighted and microwavable plush items scented with French lavender to provide a positive sensory experience.
*Products vary by store

Through initiatives like Be Well. Be You., BNC is creating better, more personalized in-store and online shopping experiences for students and customers. The nationwide rollout will be complete by Fall 2023.

“Supporting the well-being of students, faculty, and all those served by the campus bookstore is one more way we support the highest priority goals and objectives of our college and university partners,” said Jonathan Shar, President, Barnes & Noble College and Executive Vice President, BNED Retail. “With the launch of the Be Well. Be You. collection, we are helping meet our mission of serving the evolving needs of the education system and a new generation of students.”

Contact us to learn more about the collection, as well as how BNC can support well-being and create differentiated retail experiences for your campus community.

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