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College Insights · Article
Independent Study: Higher Course Completion Rates for Students Participating in Equitable Access Programs
Research from the University of New Hampshire found that community college students participating in an equitable access program are much more likely to complete a course than non-participants.
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College Insights · Article
First Day® Complete: Driving Positive Student Outcomes (Infographic)
In May 2022, BNC Insights, conducted an online survey for all students who participated in the First Day Complete program. Students provided strong positive feedback about the impact First Day Complete has on their academic success.
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College Insights · report
College 2030™ – Emerging from the Pandemic: Reimagining Higher Education
Students and institutions are on the path to prepare for a post-pandemic future. As the world has adapted and developed solutions to conquer COVID-19, higher education must do the same, revising offerings and solutions to best accommodate emerging student needs.
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showing various aspects of Retail Portfolio
College Insights · report
Barnes & Noble College Retail Portfolio
Our new retail portfolio showcases BNC’s innovative approach, including a highly visual look at merchandise curation, store design, course material delivery and more.
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five people attending webinar
Athletics · webinar
50 Years of Title IX: The Progress, Impact and Promise
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, leaders from across higher education share their personal stories, discuss the opportunities provided by Title IX and celebrate the lasting impact on past, present and future generations.
08 / 02 / 2022
Three people attending webinar
Academic Solutions · webinar
Equitable Access: 3 Steps from Inspiration to Outcome
This candid conversation will take you step by step through the First Day Complete implementation process. After a brief overview of equitable access, program champions from FIU and NC A&T walk through timelines, checklists and other tools, sharing insightful details about how each step unfolded at their institution and lessons learned along the way.
06 / 22 / 2022
Four people attending webinar
College Insights · webinar
Community College: An Equitable Solution for Our Future Workforce Webinar
The latest webinar in our signature COLLEGE 2030™ series on the future of higher education, Community College: An Equitable Solution for Our Future Workforce, is now available on demand.
12 / 17 / 2021
College Insights · webinar
Roundtable: How Higher Education Can Better Serve Diverse Student Populations
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) leaders are uniquely positioned to offer broad insights into adapting to support student needs in times of rapid change as well as building inclusive and affirming environments for diverse students.
03 / 03 / 2021
Retail Reimagined · webinar
Retail Roundtable Recap: Shaping the Future of the College Store Experience
A retail roundtable discussion with a lively conversation on the topics most relevant to colleges and universities this fall and beyond.
12 / 10 / 2020