Together We

Unite campuses and drive loyalty by building richer relationships within your campus community.

Building relationships that

Transcend Transactions

Drive Student Success

Most affordable textbooks
Guaranteed: right book, right time
Support and guidance at every step

Social Soars with Students

With Barnes & Noble College, your bookstore will rise above the transaction to enrich your students’ college experience by celebrating their academic and social journey and serving as their trusted advocate.

Empower your faculty

Providing tools to save time & money
listening & collaborating
Integration with tools currently using

Saving Faculty Time

Faculty are the backbone of your school’s academic success. Faculty rely on us to be a year-round support system, delivering the solutions and resources that will make their jobs easier and help save them time.

Create dynamic experiences

Frictionless Experience
Local Empowerment
Retail Expertise/Operational Excellence

Innovating with purpose

From our easily integrated course material management systems to our digital education platform, Yuzu, to our vibrant digital communities of students and faculty, we’ve created an ecosystem of technologies that are fully tailored to your systems and academic mission.

Foster success

Over $1.7B in student savings
96% of campus partners rate our partnership as excellent or good
Connected with almost 6M students and faculty nationwide

Driving Sales & Innovation

From creating social hubs on campus to delivering seamless online experiences, our stores transcend the typical “bookstore” role to offer so much more to our campus communities.