BNC First Day®
Inclusive Access

Students enjoy access to significantly discounted course materials
with a tuition-based delivery model to ensure everyone is
prepared for the first day

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  • 85%

    of students delay or avoid purchasing required course materials

  • 49%

    of college students reported they were not prepared on the first day of class

  • 50%

    say this decision negatively impacted their grades

High Achievement,
Low Cost

Drive student success with easy access to the learning materials students need – when they need them

Imagine a first day with 100% of your students prepared. Our BNC First Day® solution delivers on this promise by bundling learning material costs with tuition or course fees, saving students an average of 50%. Over 100 campuses are already benefiting from increased equity and higher student engagement.

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Addressing Challenges for Students & Faculty

Cost is the #1 reason students don't purchase textbooks

First Day® removes the financial barrier and offers:

  • Faculty assurance all students are prepared
  • Below-market-value pricing
  • Single sign-on with LMS integration
  • Financial aid cost coverage
  • Digital delivery with print options

Want to know the average savings for
your students with the First Day® Program?

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Completion Rates at

“My course completion rates have steadily improved. Students are better prepared because they've completed assigned readings prior to the class meeting, or, for online students, prior to the first assessments. Students are very appreciative of the reduced textbook cost and the ease of access.”

Dr. Kaye Lafferty, Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice, KCTCS Jefferson

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With the First Day® inclusive access program, Norfolk State University exam scores and pass rates have increased by 20%.