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College 2030™

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated higher education’s transformation, pushing us forward at warp speed. This is the greatest challenge higher ed will face in our lifetime, but it’s also its greatest opportunity for growth and improvement.

Transforming the Student Experience

Barnes & Noble Education is proud to provide data-driven insights to our partners as they move ahead to drive greater success for students, faculty and institutions.

This report provides a snapshot of the current state of higher education and what we’re learning, as well as our outlook for the next decade.


What you’ll learn in this report

New Academic Experience

Re-engineering outdated modes to craft a personalized environment based on how students learn.

Value of Education

Aligning with new needs and priorities that have come to the forefront during the pandemic.


Creating a holistic life services model that all students can access at every touchpoint of their college journey.

Personalization and Flexibility Are Key To Student Learning.

Acknowledging that all students don’t learn in the same way or at the same pace, and that many now have new work and family responsibilities due to the pandemic, is calling for schools to accommodate those differences with more flexible learning options, tools, and measurements.

69% of students said more flexibility for attending and completing coursework was a key need
Percentage of services requested by students: Career planning - 47%, Life services - 42%, Academic support - 30%

Students Want More Holistic, “Life” Services

They’re looking for practical skills to enable lifelong learning and growth.

50% of students agreed that their professors understood how their generation learns and adapts their lessons accordingly

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  • Transforming the Student Experience

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