Textbook Solutions

Textbook SolutionsWhen it comes to textbook solutions, no one meets colleges and universities’ needs better than Barnes & Noble. We understand students and their purchasing and learning behaviors, and it’s reflected in the solutions we offer.

We were the first to offer in-store and online textbook rentals, and first again when it came to digital. With our new digital education platform from Barnes & Noble,  Yuzu™ lets students organize, read, and annotate their reading right in the palm of their hands — making the experience of learning simple and gratifying. 

We have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing shopping and learning trends among college students. They need access to the latest and most forward-looking solutions that make learning affordable and convenient. Rental, used, digital, new, and custom texts are just the beginning.

With our wide range of format and purchasing options, your students’ educational content needs will always be met.

  • Textbook Rental Program

    Rental Fall2014Our textbook rental program is extremely popular with students across the country. Up to 80% of all titles are available for rent – with students choosing the rental option more than 50% of the time. Barnes & Noble College’s flexible textbook rental program has saved students nearly $1 billion since the program began in 2010. Schools that offer rentals keep more textbook dollars on campus. More »

    Registration Integration

    An innovative system that links the school’s course registration site with the bookstore’s website, Registration Integration lets students order textbooks online at the same time they register for courses.

    Cash For Books

    Cash for BooksOur Cash For Books program pays students up to 50 percent for their unwanted textbooks. On many campuses, students can even sell back their textbooks at remote buyback sites across campus at the end of the term.


    By using extensive faculty insights as the foundation, we are delivering a textbook adoption experience like no other. Our new online community, FacultyEnlightsm, combines search capabilities with product reviews and an engaging way for faculty to discover, adopt and deliver their course materials.

    Course Packs/Custom Textbooks

    Course Packs/Custom TextbooksMany faculty members today prefer creating their own textbooks, integrating their work with existing material. So we’ve partnered with XanEdu – the leading provider of course packs and custom textbooks – to offer attractive compilations, quickly and conveniently.

    NOOK Press™

    NOOK PressWith Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Press™, self-publishing is at your fingertips. The innovative self-publishing platform offers students, faculty and other aspiring authors a fast, easy and free way to write, edit, collaborate and publish the highest quality eBooks and directly distribute them to millions of avid readers. Authors simply upload their books, set a price and track sales activity.

    Distance Education

    Distance LearningOur exceptional e-commerce technology means that the world is your campus. We offer distance education students the same level of service and support as their on-campus student counterparts. So from studying abroad to learning at home in virtual classrooms, off-campus students receive materials as quickly and conveniently as possible.

    Student Financial Aid

    Student Financial AidWe provide a sophisticated, proprietary Student Financial Aid (SFA) platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to simplify the management of financial aid transactions – making it simple for students to get the materials they need and easy for administrators to work with us. Our platform works seamlessly with every financial aid system and all types of financial aid. More »